Squad Support Weapon Mount


The Squad Support Weapon Mount is a piece of equipment which adopts for [battle armor]] squads a concept usually found in conventional infantry platoons. The practice of carrying a squad support weapon is more prevalent among lighter-weight battlesuit squads, allowing them to carry as a whole larger, more destructive weapons than they could carry individually; a typical example would involve a Kage squad carrying a Light TAG to mark a target for artillery fire. One trooper in the squad is designated as the squad support weapon's operator and carries the primary components of the weapon itself, while the rest of the squad carries all of the removable parts. Once the squad is in position the weapon is assembled in place and used to provide fire support.[1][2]


Game Notes[edit]

A battle armor suit may have only one squad support weapon mount and each suit in a squad must allocate a certain percentage of the desired weapon's weight (50 for Inner Sphere, 40 for Clan, rounded to nearest kilogram) for the mount. The squad's suits must also have sufficient space slots in a single location to mount the weapon and its ammunition.[2]


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