Srec's Wrecks

Srec's Wrecks
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command N/A


Srec's Wrecks were a mercenary unit that served the Draconis Combine with distinction around the year 2941. In that year, CO Silvia Srect complained about difficulties with their employer in an interview, accusing the Combine of cheating and starving the mercenaries and expecting them to fight troops twice their size.[1] In that same year she was killed in a barroom brawl by an off-duty Otomo member.[2]

By 2976 the unit was commanded by Captain Simon Chiu, and had been fighting for House Marik on Ford for several weeks. House Marik had a reputation for reneging on mercenary contracts, and refused to provide fresh water to their mercenaries in the field on Ford. Following a night of drinking, Chiu and fellow mercenary commander Colonel Brigham Stanley, CO of Van Diemen Demons, decided to join their forces and occupy a periphery world to call their own. They then set up a BattleMech duel on the spot to determine who would be in command of the joint venture. During the drunken duel, a stray missile barrage from Stanley's Crusader killed most of the assembled mercenaries, while Stanley himself was killed in the crash when Chiu's Archer destroyed one of his 'Mech's legs.[2]

The mercenaries elected a new commander (one Major Egon Barkewicz, who had protested the duel) and went to work for the Capellan Confederation, while Simon Chiu joined McCarron's Armored Cavalry, with a demotion to Major.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Srec's Wrecks
Captain Silvia Srect 2941[1]
Captain Simon Chiu 2976
Major Egon Barkewicz 2976



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  • At face value, House Marik (The Free Worlds League) states that the Van Diemen Demons were effectively destroyed in the duel, while Srec's Wrecks lost their leader. However, this seems to switch around the two mercenary commands and their respective commanders. It is possible that Col. Brigham Stanley was the CO of Srec's Wrecks, and it ultimately remains unclear which of the two mercenary units was destroyed or by which name the remaining mercenaries hired on with the Confederation.


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