Star Fire

Star Fire
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class York


As at 3059 the York-class destroyer Star Fire was serving as the CSA Star Fire within the Clan Star Adder touman. One of five York-class ships to be in service with the Star Adders at this time - the others being CSA Exodus Avenger, CSA Exodus Crusader, CSA Exodus Ranger and CSA Exodus Sentinel - the Star Fire was one of the five ships that made up the Beta Naval Reserve Star.[1]

On May 13th 3060 the Star Fire was destroyed by the Aegis-class heavy cruiser NCS Chronicle over the planet of Hoard. The Chronicle was assigned to the Nova Cat Kappa Galaxy at the time, and the Star Fire was part of forces from several different Clans engaged in attacks against the Nova Cats on the planet in defiance of zellbrigen as Kappa Galaxy attempted to evacuate the Nova Cat civilian castes following the Abjuration of their Clan.[2]


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