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Star of Rage

Clan Smoke Jaguar logo
Star of Rage
Disbanded 3015 (Destroyed)
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar
Parent Command

The so-called Star of Rage were a group of Warden Clan Smoke Jaguar MechWarriors who achieved fame for their effective use of the poorly-regarded Hunchback IIC.[1]


In 3010s, five Warden leaning Smoke Jaguar warriors were demoted by their overwhelmingly Crusader Clan to a lowly garrison Cluster defending a BattleMech production facility on Circe. As a further indication of how much these outspoken Warden warriors were despised by their Clan, all five were each assigned to pilot a Hunchback IIC, a sign that none of this Warden Star were expected to survive their next battle.[1]

In 3015 Clan Jade Falcon issues a Trial of Possession for a Star of recently produced BattleMechs from the Jaguars' Circe facilities, the garrison commander responding to the Falcons' bid of two Trinaries of front-line OmniMechs by assigning the Warden Star, all but ensuring their elimination. Flying into a berserker rage at being treated in such a fashion by the Clan that they remained unyieldingly loyal to, the five Warden pilots attacked the Jade Falcon forces with the savagery of their Clans' namesake, with selective targeting, masterful use of the Hunchback IICs jump jets and using the mammoth Ultra Autocannon/20s their 'Mechs carried to their maximum potential evening the odds against the more advanced OmniMechs.[1]

Though the five defending Warden MechWarriors were ultimately all killed and the Falcons claimed the 'Mechs they sought, it was Pyrrhic victory, with the so-called Star of Rage having destroyed the better part of the two Trinaries before they finally fell after ten minutes of brutal combat.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Star of Rage


While they died, the Star of Rage's effective use of the design led to a newfound respect for the poorly regarded Hunchback IIC, with many younger and older Clan MechWarriors beginning to see it not as a death sentence but instead as an all-or-nothing means for older warriors seeking to turn their failing careers around or, as seen following the Refusal War, as a way for graduating sibkin to easily earn Warrior status in their initial Trial of Position.[1]


  • The video game MechWarrior Online would introduce a Hunchback IIC Hero 'Mech supposedly piloted by the Star of Rage - the Deathwish - but no evidence exists they bestowed their 'Mechs with any name or used anything other than the standard Hunchback IIC, thus the Deathwish is considered apocryphal.[2]


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