Starlight (Individual Essex-class WarShip)

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This article is about the Essex-class WarShip. For the Achilles-class DropShip, see Starlight (Achilles).
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Essex

The Essex-class Starlight was a Com Guard WarShip lost during Task Force Serpent.


Clan Invasions[edit]

A former Star League Defense Force WarShip, like many pieces of military hardware of the collapsed Star League, the future Starlight fell into ComStar hands in the wake of Operation Exodus. Restored to function and entering active service sometime prior to 3058, the Starlight was selected as part of ComStar's contribution to Task Force Serpent, one of the four WarShips the secular Order contributed to the Inner Sphere strike against the Clan Smoke Jaguar's capital of Huntress.[1]

The Starlight suffered heavy damage during the the so-called Battle of Trafalgar against Clan Ghost Bear forces in the Deep Periphery, most of which could be repaired in the field, allowing it to continue on to Huntress. The Starlight would meet its end attempting to prevent the WarShips of the Clan Smoke Jaguar forces fleeing Operation Bulldog from reaching Huntress. Suffering damage that left it crippled and unable to change its course, the ComStar vessel slammed into a Smoke Jaguar Vincent. Both vessels entangled with each other, and moments later the Vincent's magazines went up, destroying both ships in a tremendous explosion. [2] [3]


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