Stealthy Kill

Stealthy Kill
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Black Lion


As of 3059 the Black Lion-class Battlecruiser Stealthy Kill was serving as the CWS Stealthy Kill within the Clan Wolf touman alongside a sister ship of the same class, the CWS Blood Drinker, and was acting either as an escort vessel between the worlds of the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone and the Clan Homeworlds or as a patrol vessel within the Homeworlds.[1] The Stealthy Kill remained an active part of the Wolf touman for the next decade[2] and into the chaos of the Jihad and the Wars of Reaving.

After the Word of Blake used nuclear weapons to scour Tamar, the capital world of the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone, Khan Vlad Ward knew that he had to withdraw Clan Wolf from the Clan Homeworlds, particularly with Clan Hell's Horses already invading the Wolf Occupation Zone. The First Wolf Lancers traveled back to the Homeworlds and rendezvoused with the Feral Penance, a DropShip bearing a number of Wolf scientists and the vast majority of the genetic stock for those Bloodnames exclusive to Clan Wolf from the genetic repository on Strana Mechty. The Feral Penance and the First Wolf Lancers then met up with the waiting Stealthy Kill even as outraged forces from Clan Steel Viper rounded up and executed Wolf lower caste members from the Blood Chapels on Strana Mechty as well as murdering Warriors from Clan Blood Spirit who objected to the Viper's actions, beginning a cycle of acts of violence which began to spread out into the city of Katyusha. This orgy of violence would consume much of the city and spread far beyond the Wolf Blood Chapels even as the Stealthy Kill jumped to Tranquil.[3]

On the 15th of April 3071, while the Stealthy Kill was still recharging her jump drive in the Tranquil system, Clan Wolf was Abjured by the Clan Council, narrowly avoiding a full Trial of Annihilation. Khan Ward charged those Wolf Warriors who planned to remain in the Homeworlds with defending the civilian population, while the Stealthy Kill crammed her holds full of as much equipment and as many civilians as she could carry, before making her journey back to the Inner Sphere bearing the genetic stock essential to Clan Wolf's survival.[3]

Some time after returning to the Inner Sphere the Stealthy Kill was destroyed during the Jihad;[4] whilst serving as a part of Task Force CRONUS the Stealthy Kill was destroyed during the battle for the Titan Yards by a combination of Caspar drones, fighters and Pocket WarShips.[5]


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