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Steele's Eagles

Steele's Eagles
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command


Steele's Eagles had been working in the Periphery for some time when after the Fourth Succession War they signed with the Capellan Confederation.[1]

Their most important contract with House Liao was an invasion of the minor border world of Kujari in 3033. Here Steele's Eagles, and his commanding officer Colonel Donovan Steele were put in command of a task force consisting of four battalion sized mercenary commands: St. Cyr's Armored Grenadiers, McCrimmon's Light Cavalry, Rivaldi's Hussars and Steele's Eagles. Chancellor Romano Liao has selected a mercenary force only to avoid damaging any of her regular CCAF units.

The Eagles and the Light Cavalry descended in DropShips amid maximum sound and fury hoping to draw the Widows into battle and then smash them with the two remaining battalions hidden in polar orbit. Unfortunately for Steele's Eagles, that attack did not deceive the Widow and she immediately dispatched Jackrabbit Moskowitz's Aerospace Company to search for the DropShips that she suspected remained in orbit. They did discover them in less that an hour and attacked those DropShips. Steele asked them to land immediately, which they did, kilometers away from Steele's Eagles. Needing to link quickly with the Hussars and Grenadiers and avoid being attacked individually, the unit slammed into the weakest part of the Tarantulas and after 45 minutes of brutal fight forced the Dragoons to withdraw and linked with the rest of the invasion force. And then the Widows went underground. Steele's Eagles and the rest of the force held the major supply points depriving the Widows of the ammunition and spare parts necessary to fight a Wallacia-style guerrilla war. For three weeks the attacking task force tried to find them, but they were unable too, breaking their morale and letting them a false sense of security, expecting the Widows to have left the planet. And after a fourth week and with the attacking force on their nerves, the Widows attacked Steele's Eagles headquarters trying to decapitate the invasion force. Colonel Donovan Steele challenged Natasha Kerensky, but lost. Natasha Kerensky, sensing in Steele's the mercenaries hard-nosed common sense and called on him to surrender. Steele not only surrendered, he also led his unit to defect to the Federated Commonwealth rather than face a vengeful Romano Liao.

Steel's Eagles quickly established a successful reputation, occasionally going so far as to subcontract with their former foes, Wolf's Dragoons.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Steele's Eagles
Colonel Donovan Steele 3033[1]



Composition History[edit]

One 'Mech Battalion | Veteran

  • CO: Donovan Steele


The Eagles drawn from a wide variety of worlds and retain the ranks of their respective homelands. The Eagles have long since grown used to this system, and it often serves to confuse their opponents.[1]

Steel's Eagles' only appearance is in More Tales of the Black Widow, nothing else is known from them.


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