Stefan Gorienko

Stefan Gorienko
AffiliationRim Worlds Republic
SpouseCynthia Amaris[1]
ChildrenStefan Amaris

Stefan Gorienko was an Inner Sphere industrialist and the father of Stefan Amaris.[2]


President Cynthia Amaris dedicated herself to the rule of the Republic so thoroughly that she had not married by her fortieth birthday. Under pressure from those concerned that House Amaris might face a succession crisis after her death if she did not produce an heir, she married Stefan Gorienko in 2716. A year later, Stefan Amaris was born.[2] Gorienko was distant and frequently absent, resulting in Cynthia becoming the primary influence in Stefan Amaris' life.[1]

Stefan Gorienko had one known niece, Natalia, who worked as a financier on Apollo.[3]


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