Stellar Serpent

Stellar Serpent
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Aegis


As of 3059 the Aegis-class cruiser Stellar Serpent was serving as the CSA Stellar Serpent within the Clan Star Adder touman and was serving with Epsilon Galaxy alongside her sister ship, the CSA Ares' Might.[1] The Stellar Serpent remained an active part of the Star Adder touman for the next decade[2] and into the Wars of Reaving.

In late 3069 and early 3070 Clan Blood Spirit forces on York managed to push the Star Adder forces on the planet back to just a single enclave, having been buoyed by successes - and the isorla claimed as a result - achieved by elements of the Blood Spirit touman elsewhere. The Blood Spirits held off attacking this last enclave in large part due to the presence of the Stellar Serpent in orbit, as they believed that attacking further would lead to the Star Adders resorting to orbital bombardment as a part of their defense.[3]

In late 3074 the Stellar Serpent and two other Star Adder WarShips, the Sovetskii Soyuz-class heavy cruiser CSA Divine Conquest and the York-class destroyer CSA Exodus Ranger, were assembled along with no less than seven Galaxies of Star Adder forces - Alpha, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Sigma, Tau and Xi - into a task force under the personal command of Khan Stanislov N'Buta for a strike at the Tanis system. The Star Adder Watch had identified that something was seriously wrong in the Tanite worlds, and N'Buta was determined to regain control of the system. Invoking a previous agreement with Clan Cloud Cobra, the Star Adder saKhan persuaded saKhan Hannibal Banacek of the Cloud Cobras to join the task force, accompanied by another York-class ship, the CCS Brimstone, and the Fredasa-class corvette CCS Hell Fury.[4]

The task force arrived in the Tanis system on the 17th of December and the Stellar Serpent, Divine Conquest and Hell Fury quickly attacked and defeated the two defending Burrock WarShips, the Mako-class corvette CBS Ingrid Bucharev and the McKenna-class battleship CBS Second Coming, securing lanes for the various Galaxies to begin making planetfall. The Exodus Ranger and the Brimstone were responsible for escorting Alpha, Sigma, Xi and Tau Galaxies to Alexandra, where the defending Tanite, Burrock and Society forces launched ferocious defensive surface-to-atmosphere fire that saw half of Xi Galaxy destroyed before it could make planetfall.[4]

With the ground campaign on Stacha proceeding frustratingly slowly for the Star Adder forces thanks to the wily tactics of the Bandit leader known as Jaguar, who used the main industrial complex on Stacha as both a defensive position and a base for hit and run attacks, Khan N'Buta ordered the Exodus Ranger to destroy the complex by orbital bombardment. Unfortunately for the Star Adders, Jaguar and his forces avoided being destroyed, and the attack failed to flush the determined bandits out into the open.[4]

When the Burrock and Tanite forces were finally vanquished, with their military forces killed or executed, every major city and infrastructure site destroyed and every civilian the Star Adders could find dead, the Stellar Serpent was left in the Tanis system to monitor for future activity.[4]

The Stellar Serpent survived the Wars of Reaving and as of 3085 the Stellar Serpent and her sister ship Ares' Might were two of the thirteen WarShips still serving in the Star Adder touman in 3085.[5]


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