Sterope Defense Industries

Sterope Defense Industries

Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Sterope
Primary Products Weapons


Sterope-Defense Industries is the primary manufacturer of heavy weapons in the Taurian Concordat for 'Mechs and armor forces of the TDF. The company's research and development department is highly regarded, and receives the lion's share of the company's profits.[1]

The CEO of SDI is Maxwell Gelfmann.[1]

On the 21st of November 3075 the Sterope Defense Industries facility on Sterope was plundered by the mercenary unit Hansen's Roughriders, acting as part of a Federated Suns counteroffensive against the Concordat. In contrast with attacks made on other worlds, the Roughriders left the Sterope Defense Industries facilities intact after they'd been looted, rather than destroying the factories.[2][3] The Sterope factories would still be heavily damaged during the war, and as at 3081 had yet to return to full production.[4]

In 3079 only fifteen percent of the workforce had escaped the horrors of the Jihad. Despite this the company's factories were producing at half their capacity.[5] Turning a liability into a strength, SDI was rebuilding the plant with new production accounting techniques and increased automation.[6]


Sterope Defense Industries has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Sterope:[7]
Component Type
Diverse Optics Type 2 medium laser[6]
Diverse Optics Type 18 medium laser - Shipped to Perdition for Wasp, J. Edgar and Fulcrum; to Illiushin for Commando and Shadow Hawk; to Taurus for Hatchetman, Lightning, Thunderbolt and Marshal; to New Vandenberg for Archer and Ostroc; to Pinard for Thunderbolt (As of 3067)[6]
Diverse Optics Sunfire ER medium laser - Shipped to MacLeod's Land for Stinger and Locust; to Taurus for Wasp and Locust; and to Illiushin and New Vandenberg for Stinger (As of 3067)[6]
Sunglow Type 2 Large Laser - Shipped to Taurus for Thunderbolt, Thunderbird and Marshal; to Perdition for Thunderbird and Fulcrum; to New Vandenberg for Ostroc and Chippewa; and to Pinard for Thunderbolt[6]
Diverse Optics Sunbeam ER Large Laser[6]
Diverse Optics Type 27 Medium Pulse Laser - Seydlitz; Shipped to Taurus for Marshal[6]
Pontiac Ultralight Light AC/5 - Shipped to MacLeod's Land for Clint (As of 3067)[6]
Pontiac Light AC/5 - Shipped to New Vandenberg, Pinard and Taurus for Marauder; to Perdition and Pinard for Vedette[6]
Pontiac 50 AC/10 - Hatchetman; shipped to Pinard for Slayer and Battle Hawk (As of 3067)[6]
Pontiac 100 AC/20 - Shipped to Taurus for Lightning [6]
Armstrong Class-B ClusterGun LB 10-X AC[6]
Armstrong Spitfire JU22 Ultra AC/5[6]
Donal PPC - Shipped to Pinard for Warhammer and Shilone; to Illisushin for Griffin; to Taurus for Warhammer (As of 3067)
Delta Dart LRM-5 - Rommel; Shipped to Taurus for Marshal (As of 3067)[6]
Delta Dart LRM-10 - Shipped to Illiushin for Griffin; to Perdition for Fulcrum (As of 3067)[6]
Delta Dart LRM-15 - Shipped to Pinard and Taurus for Thunderbolt; to Taurus for Marshal; to Illiushin for Shadow Hawk; to New Vandenberg for Chippewa (As of 3067)[6]
Delta Dart LRM-20 - Shipped to Taurus and Perdition for Hunter and Thunderbird and to Pinard for Shilone (As of 3067)[6]
Hotshot Flamer - Hunter; Shipped to Taurus for Marshal (As of 3067)
Death Blossom Rocket Launcher 10 - Shipped to Taurus for Locust and Wasp; to MacLeod's Land for Locust; to New Vandenberg for Ostroc and Archer; and to Illiushin for Archer (As of 3067)[6]
Death Blossom Rocket Launcher 15 - Shipped to MacLeod's Land, Illiushin and New Vandenberg for Stinger and to New Vandenberg for Ostroc[6]
Death Blossom Rocket Launcher 20 - Shipped to New Vandenberg and Illiushin for Archer[6]


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