Stewart Dragoons

Stewart Dragoons
Formed ca. 2293
Nickname Loyalty Unbounded
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Parent Command Free Worlds League Military


Since the marriage between Ana Stewart, daughter of Earl Androcles Stewart, and Captain-General Janos Marik in 2998, the fate of the Stewart Dragoons has been tied to the Marik family. Despite being founded by the first nation to be forcibly absorbed into the nascent Free Worlds League, the Stewart Dragoons have a history of loyal service to the Free Worlds League and House Marik. The Dragoons have a history of excellence across a wide range of combat roles, lack the antipathy towards the Capellan Confederation espoused by many other Free Worlds League Military units, and have benefited from the high priority given to them by the LCCC due to their success and loyalty.[1]



The Stewart Dragoons began with the Stewart Commonality, sometimes referred to as the Stewart Confederation, one of many proto-nations to form after the Terran Alliance issued the Demarcation Declaration; the Home Guard can trace their roots back to the original Confederation military. When Juliano Marik landed eight regiments of combat troops on Stewart in 2293, the Stewart military resisted fiercely despite the three-to-one odds, and one of the two battalions of troops to survive the Marik conquest became the Home Guard.[1][2]

Age of War[edit]

Under the aegis of the League the Stewart Dragoons grew in size through the Age of War, and one of the Dragoons regiments - the Juggernaut regiment - fought during the Reunification War as a part of the 1st Marik Auxiliary Corps under General Ian Marik. When the Succession Wars began, the Stewart Dragoons had expanded to five full regiments, but the centuries of warfare would reduce the Dragoons down to just two regiments by the end of the Third Succession War.[1][3][4][5]

Star League Era[edit]

The Stewart Dragoons were notionally provincial forces during the Star League era[6] - all of the forces associated with provinces officially became provincial forces, distinct from federal forces, in what was at least partly an act of fiction to avoid disbanding a large number of regiments under the demands of the Star League Council Edict of 2650[7] - the Dragoons' loyalty remained firmly with the federal government and the Captain-General. Although the Stewart Dragoons were primarily responsible for defending the Stewart Commonwealth, they were also called on to defend the Free Worlds League border with the Lyran Commonwealth. Although the Dragoons didn't participate in the Marik Civil War, they remained loyal to Elise Marik and would have mobilized at her command if needed.[6]

Even as the Star League era drew to a close the Dragoons remained loyal federal troops; Earl David Stewart, the leader of the Stewart Commonwealth in the 2760s, chose to delegate the responsibilities and duties of commander-in-chief of the dragoons to the brigade commanding officer, General Amelia Stewart-Marik - who was also a second cousin to Captain-General Kenyon Marik. The Stewart Commonwealth continued to provide the majority of the funding for the Dragoons but they remained effectively House Marik forces. Five regiments strong in 2765, the Stewart Dragoons saw relatively little action prior to the Amaris Civil War other than acting against pirates, although the Juggernaut regiment continued to maintain their aggressive reputation by complaining about the lack of action and insisting on being deployed to the massing of Free Worlds League forces on Solaris when Ewan Marik was looking to retaliate against the Lyrans for the attack on the Timothy Leary[6] in 2745.[8]

FedCom Civil War Era[edit]

The Stewart Dragoons benefit from the Stewart family's ties to Corean Enterprises as well. The units also have ties to Paul Marik and Corrine Marik.[1]

The Dark Age[edit]

After the death of Kristen Marik and the agitation of Alys Rousset-Marik relations between the Stewart Dragoons and Marik family cooled considerably. At the same time, Corean Enterprises began sponsoring the two units, providing them with new equipment.[9] Participating in Operation SCOUR resulted in Juggernaut's destruction by bioweapon at Cairo, Terra. The Home Guard faced off against TerraSec in Geneva, and took heavy losses.[10]

The Home Guard regiment was destroyed as part of Operation GOLDEN DAWN. The survivors were assigned to the 40th Marik Militia in the Army of the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth.[11]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Stewart Dragoons
General Amelia Stewart-Marik 2760s
General Inga Bjornnson 3050[12]
General Richard Balkema 3059[13]
General Leonard Stewart 3061[14]

Other Officers[edit]


Different per Unit.

Units of the Stewart Dragoons[edit]

Colors and Unit Insignia[edit]

The Stewart Dragoons use a gray and red color scheme highlighted in scarlet.[1]


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