Stewart War

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The Stewart War was the invasion of the Stewart Commonality by the Free Worlds League.

Stewart War
Start Date 2293
End Date 2293
Planet Stewart
Result Free Worlds League victory
Stewart Commonality becomes a province of the Free Worlds League
Free Worlds League
Stewart Commonality
Commanders and leaders
Juliano Marik David Genovese
Forces involved
Free Worlds League Military


In 2293 when the Stewart Commonality opposed the expansion of the Free Worlds League, Juliano Marik was elected the first Captain-General and subsequently invaded Stewart.

When Juliano Marik's invasion force moved in, they were met with little resistance from the forces of the dictator of the six-world Stewart Commonality, David Genovese, because Genovese insisted he lead the troops, though he had little military experience and was not the best strategist on his side. His unbending demands that his troops follow all of his plans to the letter led to disaster when a radio message was garbled due to inclement weather. Not realizing his troops were defending a swampy area that had been flooded due to three continuous days of monsoon rains, he ordered his troops to hold the position, rather than abandoning it to Marik's troops, who thought the location was worthless anyway. Descending on the Stewart troops after the weather had cleared, the defenders were thrashed when their vehicles got mired in the bottomless mud. After this defeat, all Stewart troops lost faith and morale plummeted.

The conquest of the Stewart Commonality took less than four months. Dictator David Genovese was found and captured in his palace. Juliano demanded David apologize for his inconveniencing of Marik's troops. Genovese made a public apology then was publicly beheaded.[1][2]


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