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Stooping Kite
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As of 3059 the York-class destroyer Stooping Kite was a WarShip within the Clan Blood Spirit touman and was serving as the CBS Stooping Kite. The Stooping Kite was one of only four WarShips in the Blood Spirit touman at this point, and was serving as a part of the Naval Reserve.[1]

In early January 3072 Khan Karianna Schmitt led Alpha Galaxy, the Black Lion-class battlecruiser CBS Rocinante and the Stooping Kite to Arcadia, hoping to negotiate with Clan Ghost Bear for the remaining Ghost Bear enclaves on the world. To Schmitt's intense frustration saKhan Kabrinski was completely unwilling to negotiate; unknown to the Blood Spirits, the Ghost Bears were in the final stages of evacuating the small enclave in preparation for moving it to the Ghost Bear Dominion in the Inner Sphere.[2]

Attempting to force the issue, Schmitt brought the Rocinante into a close orbit above Arcadia and shelled one of the Snow Peak Mountains. Rather than forcing Kabrinski to negotiate, this instead caused the Ghost Bear saKhan to shut off all communication with Schmitt, although not without insulting Schmitt first. Enraged, Schmitt ordered the Stooping Kite to the nearby jump point with orders to prevent the nearest Ghost Bear vessel from departing. That vessel was the Star Lord-class JumpShip CGB Alshain Sunset.[2]

The captain of the Alshain Sunset protested the order from the Stooping Kite to remain in place, and a deadly game of chicken began with the Alshain Sunset beginning jump preparations while the Stooping Kite continued to remain close to the Ghost Bear JumpShip. The Stooping Kite responded in a most deadly fashion to the Alshain Sunset's refusal to follow the Blood Spirit orders by firing a broadside that tore the Alshain Sunset and her DropShips apart. As a result, thousands of civilians who had been packed aboard the various DropShips died.[2]

The reaction from the Ghost Bears was both immediate and violent; every spaceworthy ship was launched at the Rocinante, and within seconds the Blood Spirit flagship had been torn apart. Khan Schmitt barely survived, albeit with crippling injuries including a crippled back; the Ghost Bear vessels then moved to the jump point and left the Clan Homeworlds permanently, ending the Ghost Bear presence in the Homeworlds completely.[2]

The Stooping Kite was destroyed above the world of Haven in the Colleen system alongside the Carrack-class transport CBS Karianna Schmitt on the 5th of October 3084 by the Clan Star Adder battleships CSA Absolute Truth and CSA Sovereign Right as a part of the annihilation of the Blood Spirits conducted under the guise of a Trial of Absorption.[3]


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