Formed 31323134
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Parent Command LCAF


Under the leadership of the son of the former Lord Governor of Prefecture IX, Jasek Kelswa-Steiner, the Stormhammers were one of the factions to break away from the Republic of the Sphere in the early 3130's following the widespread collapse of the HPG network. Their intent was to return various Skye worlds back to the control of the Lyran Commonwealth. They were later absorbed into House Steiner.

Dark Age[edit]


In late August 3133, the Stormhammers, assisted by Lohengrin,[1] launched a raid on Towne. Part of a greater effort to spread recruitment ads via hijacking the few remaining HPGs, the Towne raid ran into heavy resistance, including Twenty-first Centauri Lancers forces and Triarii Protectors. The Lyran Rangers succeeded in hijacking the HPG for long enough to broadcast their recruitment message before being pushed off planet.[2][3]


The Stormhammers landed on Irian's moon Prospero in November 3133. They routed the Swordsworn forces that were on the moon, and landed on Irian proper on November 21. There they almost immediately experienced a frontal assault from the Dragon's Fury. This assault threw the Stormhammers off balance and forced them to retreat from the world on November 28.[4]


In 3134 a small task force of Clan Jade Falcon, escorted by the Emerald Talon, launched an attack against the Republic of the Sphere after traveling first through Commonwealth space. The task force, ostensibly aimed at destroying what the Falcons termed the false wolves, pledged not to attack the Lyran state, but then landed attack forces on Porrima and Chaffee. Chaffee, was completely overrun, and it was there that Falcon forces slaughtered 50,000 inhabitants in the city of Hamilton — a savage and heavy-handed action that has outraged billions across the Inner Sphere and prompted calls for war against Jade Falcon.

The Hamilton Massacre came to light soon after the liberation of Chaffee by the Stormhammers, a pro-Commonwealth faction within The Republic of the Sphere, who acted in conjunction with the Steel Wolves to rout Jade Falcon forces there last November. Whether the successful campaign was accomplished with the direct support of the Commonwealth government remains unclear at this time, but it has become a rallying cry for many who feel the current administration is failing to deal with the more immediate threat the Jade Falcon represents, even as tensions mount on Republican and League borders.[5]

Falcon in The Skye[edit]

After the Clan Jade Falcon desant captured several planets in Prefecture IX and was narrowly-thwarted from doing the same to Skye from the combined forces of the Northwind Highlanders under Countess / General Tara Campbell, Prefecture IX militia under Lord-Governor Duke Gregory Kelswa-Steiner and Steel Wolves under Galaxy Commander Anastasia Kerensky, the defenders of Prefecture IX realized that new allies would be needed against the aggressive Falcons, who would certainly attempt to conquer Skye again.[citation needed]

That aid came in the form of the Stormhammers, when Jasek Kelswa-Steiner unexpectedly offered to aid his disapproving father in the defense of Skye. Jasek reenlisted the aid of the Steel Wolves, who had retreated to Seginus after the previous battle for Skye to lick their wounds. Next, he went to Hesperus II to contact his Lyran benefactors, including the ambitious Duke Vedet Brewer. For the "loan" of the Mjolnir-class WarShip LCS Yggdrasil and a unit of Lyran regular troops of unknown size, Jasek pledged to return the Isle of Skye back to the Lyran fold in the long-term.[citation needed]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Stormhammers


Different per Unit.

Units of the Stormhammers[edit]

Archons Shield

Unit motto: "A shield can be a deadly the right hands"

The Archon's Shield is the elite unit within the Stormhammers. Several Dark Age sources speculate that this unit is partly made up of LIC agents "loaned" by Archon Melissa Steiner to Jasek Kelswa-Steiner in order to further Lyran interests within the destabilizing Republic. Most notably, the dossiers of Latonya Lyons and Michaela Freeman heavily implies that they are covert operatives planted within the Stormhammers. Several Republic Skye Militia defectors can also be found within this unit.

Lyran Rangers

Unit motto: "Why use a small 'Mech when a bigger one will do?"

A fractious unit, the veteran Lyran Rangers represents the descendants of the old Skye Brigade. Jasek Kelswa-Steiner commanded the Republic Skye Militia (the incarnation of the 4th Skye Rangers during the Republic era) at the time of the Blackout, and subsequently many soldiers from this unit followed him when he formed the Stormhammers. However, many members of the Lyran Rangers resent the Archon's Shield for being placed at a higher tier than them, and still feel loyal towards Gregory Kelswa-Steiner, current Duke of Skye and Jasek's father.

Tharkan Strikers

Unit motto: "Wolves strike without mercy"

The green Tharkan Strikers are the product of their CO, Alexia Wolf. They are made up of raw recruits who are more Steiner loyalists than warriors that must be whipped into shape.

Color Scheme[edit]

The Stormhammers use gray and blue for their paint scheme. Although more blue is added as a show of seniority in the unit.[6]


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