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Story of the Legend-Killer

Story of the Legend-Killer
Story information
Author Randall N. Bills
Type Short Story
Product MWO
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 15 August 3017
Series MWO Hero 'Mech Lore

Story of the Legend-Killer is a short piece of fiction by Randall N. Bills going with the announcement of the Legend-Killer Hero 'Mech for MechWarrior Online in that game's public internet forum.

Plot Summary[edit]

On 15 August 3017 Gray Noton—already dubbed the "Legend-Killer" for his meteoric rise to champion in the Solaris Games—is fighting an arena match against a Victor from the Fitzhugh Stables in the Steiner Coliseum on Solaris VII. Piloting a Rifleman, the story narrates his train of thought as he correctly guesses the next move his opponent (one MechWarrior Hoftsteder) will make. With his expert aim he critically damages the other 'Mech's leg to the point where the Victor crashes to the ground upon touching down after a jump. This effectively decides the match in Noton's favor. As he savors the crowd's cheers, Noton ponders his "other Rifleman" that, once ready, will allow him to "own this world and topple every other MechWarrior from their Valhalla thrones."


Although MechWarrior Online as such does not fall under the current criteria for Canon, the fiction going with the games' "Hero 'Mechs"—written largely by Randall Bills who at the time was also the incumbent BattleTech Line Developer at Catalyst Game Labs—was expressly declared fully canonical. At the same time, the Hero 'Mechs themselves and the configurations offered by MechWarrior Online were still not considered canon beyond what was expressly put down in the fiction pieces.

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