Strana Mechty Wolf

Strana mechty wolf revised.png
Strana Mechty Wolf
(Canis Lupus Strana Mechtis)
Creature information
Type Mammal, Introduced, Genetically Altered
Homeworld Strana Mechty
Environment moderate climates
Average mass 140 kg
Average length 170 centimeters
Average height 85 centimeter

The Strana Mechty Wolf is a mammalian predator on the world of Strana Mechty in the Kerensky Cluster.[1][2]


The Strana Mechty Wolf is the genetically altered descendant of the Terran wolf species of Norther America. They were introduced to Strana Mechty by members of the Star League-in-Exile as they colonized the Kerensky Cluster. There the animal flourished and grew to twice its ancestor's size. They usual travel in packs of up to a dozen individuals across the northern and southern continents of their new homeworld. They are stealthy and cunning creatures, but also highly socialized amongst their group. They have also been seen to cooperate with other species, such as the also introduced Coyote, during hunts.

Nicholas Kerensky, founder of the Clans, considered the wolf to be the epitome of the warrior's spirit. Thus the animal became the namesake of Clan Wolf.[1][2]


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