Strategic Kit

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Strategic Kit
Product information
Type Game Aid
Pages 10
Cover artwork Strategic Operations derivative
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code 35108
First published 2013
MSRP $14.99
Content five cards of reprinted tables
Series Kit
Preceded by Tech Kit
Followed by Alpha Kit


Strategic Kit is a set of 5 double-sided, loose-leaf, printed sheets that reprint some of the game tables from the core rulebook Strategic Operations. The tables provided were first presented in the second (corrected) printing of the book and come from the general, aerospace movement/combat rules, as well as both the standard and advanced versions of BattleForce. Each table also has the corresponding page number from Strategic Operations indicated.

From the back cover[edit]

Tired of hunting for a specific table in a rulebook? Wish you had heavy-duty reference cards for Strategic Operations game play like that found in the 25th Anniversary Introductory Box Set? Then the Strategic Kit is for you!

The Strategic Kit contains five heavy-duty cards of compiled tables from Strategic Operations.

Strategic Operations is required to use the Strategic Kit (compiled tables reflect corrected second printing).


  • General Rules
    • Aerospace SAR Pilot and Rescue
    • Cargo Transport
    • Combat Orders
    • Conversion of Ground Units to Fighters
    • Failed Hull Landing
    • Fatigue Ratings
    • Force Quality
    • Generic Force Loyalty
    • Hull Landing Modifiers
    • Morale Ratings
    • Recommended Fighter Squadron Formation
    • Search and Rescue Modifiers
  • Aerospace Movement/Aerospace Combat
    • Advanced Initiative
    • Atmospheric Conditions
    • Atmospheric Flight Times
    • Bracketing Fire Mode
    • Capital Weapons Detailed Ranges
    • Docking Damage
    • Docking Modifiers
    • Failed Preflight Check List
    • Hyperspace Navigation
    • Jump Calculation
    • JumpShip/WarShip/Space Station Hit Location
    • Over-penetration Weapons Fire
    • Ramming Attacks Table (Expanded)
    • Random Movement (Advanced Vectors)
    • Size Class Damage
    • Suborbital and Orbital Flight Times
  • BattleForce: Standard Rules
    • Aerospace Movement
    • Atmospheric Facing Changes
    • Charge Damage
    • Determining Critical Hits
    • Determining Motive Systems Damage
    • Element Height
    • Infantry Movement Mode
    • Movement Costs
    • Range
    • To-Hit Modifiers
    • Unit Height
    • Vehicle Movement Mode
  • BattleForce: Advanced Rules (2 sheets)
    • Advanced Combat Modifiers
      • Attack Type
      • Environmental
      • Miscellaneous
      • Physical Attacks
      • Range
      • Target
      • Target Movement
      • Target Type
      • Terrain
    • Advanced Espionage
    • Alternate Munitions
    • Artillery Flight Time
      • Cruise Missiles
      • All Others
    • Artillery Modifiers
    • Artillery Range and Damage
    • Battlefield Intelligence
    • Buildings
    • Collapse Damage
    • Command Summary
    • Conventional Minefield
    • Crew Casualties
    • Determining Prevailing Wind
    • Element Height
    • Expanded Critical Hits
    • Fire Starting
      • Modifiers
    • High Altitude Map Atmospheric Velocity
    • Initiative Modifiers
    • Morale
    • Recovering Nerve
    • Special Maneuvers
    • Standard Command Points
    • Terrain Factor and Conversion
    • Vehicle Bay Type