Streak Missile Launcher

The Streak Missile Launcher is a specialized version of the standard Short Range Missile launcher which withholds fire until it receives a solid lock ensuring all missiles will hit.


Originally developed in 2647 by the Star League, the Streak SRM Launcher is relatively similar to the standard SRM launcher but incorporates a unique Targa-7 fire control system. This system consists of a multi-lens sensor linked to a microwave targeting laser and battle computer built in to the launcher. When activated the system fires multiple light pulses at the target, and if the sensor detects a positive return signal from 90% or more of the pulses the battle computer authorizes missile launch; once airborne the missiles receive constant telemetry updates from the system to ensure they hit their target. In contrast if the system does not receive sufficient feedback before firing to guarantee a hit it will prevent the missiles from launching. This special feature of the system prevents the weapon from firing at a target when there is no lock-on, saving ammunition by preventing shots that would otherwise miss.[1][2]

Unlike a standard SRM whose shotgun-like effect may result in some misses and some hits, Streak guidance gives the lighter launchers the effective average firepower of the heavier and more wasteful SRM systems, but with considerably less variation in damage effects. The only disadvantages are that Streak launchers are incompatible with other missile target acquisition technologies such as the Artemis IV FCS and Narc Missile Beacon, their specialized ammunition is much more expensive, and some users are willing to accept partial hits rather than not be able to fire on demand.[2]

At first the Star League could only build Streak launchers based on the SRM-2 system, as it was found the targeting system suffered a steep loss in effectiveness as it attempted to guide more missiles.[1] Attempts were made at the time to adapt the Streak system to larger launchers but, like many pieces of advanced Star League technology, the system disappeared during the technological decline of the Succession Wars. The Clans retained and championed the technology, and as an example of their drive towards avoiding waste, expanded it to all three SRM launcher types. Thanks to the Helm Memory Core, the Free Worlds League rediscovered the ability to produce the Streak SRM-2 again in 3035, and using this with Clan-tech salvage, the Draconis Combine was able to produce Inner Sphere versions of the larger launchers in 3058.[3] While the Inner Sphere powers finally cracked how to create all types of Streak SRMs, Clan scientists had been experimenting with applying the Streak system to LRMs, trading any indirect capacity for less wasteful ammunition usage.[4][5]

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