Strike Falcon Attack VTOL

Strike Falcon Attack VTOL
Production information
Manufacturer Grand Union Battle Works
Production Year 2371[1]
Mission Infantry Transport
Attack VTOL
Type VTOL (Medium)
Technical specifications
Mass 30
Armor Unspecified (BAR 7)
Engine ICE
Speed 118 km/h
Crew 1 officer
2 enlisted/non-rated
2 gunners
Communications System Unspecified
Targeting Tracking System Unspecified

BV (2.0) 284[2]


First created in 2367, the Strike Falcon was one the earliest Attack VTOLs enter service within the newly formed Capellan Confederation. The craft was first built as replacement for OT-12 Bird of Prey attack helicopter first employed by newly former Tikonov Grand Union. It would enter service in 2371, where the Strike Falcon would serve as infantry transport and fire-support VTOL for Confederation ground troops.

In its time, it was highly regarded by its operators and troops which it was supporting. By the dawn of the Star League era the aircraft was removed from military service and was demilitarized for civilian use.[3]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Designed with what would be later known as Primitive Technology, Strike Falcon was well armed for its intended primary mission.

The VTOL's main weaponry includes pair of 4-Tubed Short-Range Missiles with a singular machine gun mounted on its nose. While it side arcs includes a machine gun providing anti-infantry cover fire as it disembarks its payload of troops. Strike Falcon carries 1 ton of missiles and half ton of machine gun ammo for its weapons, while its Advanced Fire Control gives the weapons accurate targeting.

Its primary payload is in its Infantry Compartment, which is designed to carry 6 tons worth of troops.

The craft's hull is protected with 1.7 tons of BAR-7 grade armor, enough to survive combat of the twenty-fourth century. The craft's Internal Combustion Engine is given enough fuel to allow it to travel 1,666 km.[4]


  • The Strike Falcon was designed as a primitive combat vehicle, which uses the Support Vehicle construction rules. The VTOL has the Equipment Rating: D/C-X-X/E.
  • The image of the Strike Falcon originated from the Soar/Peacekeeper VTOLs, neither of which are related to this vehicle.

Design Quirks[edit]

Design Quirks:


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