Strix Stealth VTOL
Production information
Manufacturer Wayne Station
Production Year 3117
Mission Scout
Technical specifications
Tech Base Mixed
Mass 30
Armor Stealth Armor
Engine Fusion
Speed 110(140) km/h
Crew 3
Communications System Build 1685/8 Tacticom
Targeting Tracking System Build 4 CAT TTS with Advanced Targeting Computer and Watchdog CEWS
Heat Sinks 14

1x UAC/2
2x ER Small Lasers

BV (2.0) 688[1][2]


The Strix Stealth VTOL is a light attack VTOL designed for the Republic of the Sphere in the early 31st Century.

The Strix was a gift from displaced former Clan Nova Cat refugees who left the Draconis Combine after the Second Combine-Dominion War and settled on the various worlds in the Republic of the Sphere. In 3117, four handcrafted prototypes were presented to RAF's Second Triarii Protectors by Technician Pádraig of Nova Cat enclave on Shitara, who made them as thanks for settling his people in the Republic of the Sphere. The 2nd Triarii conducted test trials with the vehicles to see if they would make a suitable addition to the Republic's arsenal.

After successful test trials, StarCorps Industries was granted the license to produce the Strix on Terra in 3118. After the vehicle was accepted into production, the Strix would be used exclusively within the Republic, deployed with Republic's special ops units such as Black Torrent and the Republic Special Scouts. Initially, the Federated Suns was granted access to the design. Later, after the collapse of the HPG network in 3132, the design would be spread across the Inner Sphere as the Republic's outer territories fell to invaders.[3]

The Strix's creation also helped to paved the way for the Republic to update its commercial companies to use Clan grade technology and create further advanced units, such as the Doloire OmniMech to be made possible in later years. [4]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Strix is the product of a mixture of Clan construction with some components that are Inner Sphere in origin. Powered by a conventional Fusion Engine, the vehicle is able to reach flank speeds of 110kph, however the VTOL Jet Booster can help the vehicle reach speeds in excess of 140kph, at least for short periods of time. This gives the edge to crew who need to evade and keep a keen eye on a mission objective and helps them stay out of the reach of enemy units that are trying to eliminate them. While not the best protected among vehicles of its weight class, the Strix has 4 tons of Inner Sphere made Stealth Armor, giving it protection from medium to long range attacks while giving modest protection from damage. Additionally, ammunition for the vehicle is protected by CASE in the main fuselage. Helping to identify enemy units, the craft is fitted with a Watchdog Combined Electronic Warfare System, which gives it Clan-grade detection and electronic jamming capabilities few Inner Sphere units can match.

The Strix's main long-range firepower comes in the form of a single forward mounted Class-2 Ultra Autocannon, with a single ton of ammunition. While in-close range combat, the Strix relies on two Extended-Range Small Lasers which are mounted in the vehicle's Chin Turret. A Targeting Computer is mated with the weapons, granting the VTOL improved accuracy, especially when its crew needs to move the vehicle quickly.[5]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Strix is subject to the following Design Quirks;


The Alpha Strike Data Card for the Strix's notes the unit is a Scout that has 22 point value. It noted with MV18, with special abilities; ATMO, ECM, LPRB, RCN, STL, TUR(2,2,0*), WAT[6]


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