Sturmvogel Maritime Patrol WiGE
Production information
Manufacturer Nashan Diversified[1]
Use Coastal Patrol Craft
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Chassis Type (Size) WiGE (Medium)
Equipment Rating E/X-X-E-E
Introduced 3063[2]
Technical specifications
Mass 50 tons
Cruise Speed 86 km/h
Flank Speed 129 km/h
Power Plant Omni Generation 5.26 fusion
Fuel (Type/Range) Unlimited
Communications System Unspecified
Targeting Tracking System Unspecified
Heat Sinks None
Armor ArcShield Heavy Indi
Barrier Armor Rating (BAR) 10
Crew 5 (1 officer, 2 enlisted/non-rated, 2 gunners)[1]
BV (2.0) 523[1]


The Sturmvogel, designed after the secession of the Lyran Alliance from the Federated Commonwealth, provided a Lyran alternative to the Fulmar and Cormorant. Nashan Diversified, initially intending to build a military gunship, produced a versatile coast guard and militia WiGE craft built for speed and modularity. Effective on any terrain, its well-publicized success during the Word of Blake siege of Tharkad made it a popular seller, spreading Sturmvogels to coast guards and militias across and beyond Lyran territory.[1]

Equipment and Capabilities[edit]

The Sturmvogel's fusion engine allows a maximum speed of over 120 km/h and an unlimited patrol range, preparing it for rapid interception of smugglers and pirates. Its standard configuration wields a rotary AC/2 and four mine dispensers for combat, while an onboard remote sensor dispenser is for search and rescue purposes. The craft's 3.5-ton cargo bay[3] generally carries rescue equipment, though it can be converted to carry a boarding team. Limited armor keeps the Sturmvogel off the front lines.[1]


  • LB-2X 
    A common refit, this variant replaces the main gun and remote sensor dispenser with an LB 2-X AC for improved accuracy and range.[1][4]
  • LB-10X 
    The original variant removes the remote sensor dispenser, cargo hold, and one mine dispenser to replace the main gun with a heavier LB 10-X AC.[1][5]
  • Gunship 
    The original prototype military design from 3059,[6] abandoned for its excessively light armor, used a light Gauss rifle and three mine dispensers.[1][7]


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