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Subvocal Microcommunicator

Subvocal Microcommunicator


A Subvocal Microcommunictor is a special type of communicator developed for espionage and other covert operations. While it functions much like a standard microcommunicator, its microphone is a wire-thin collar which presses tightly against the throat, allowing it to be disguised as part of clothing or jewelry. The microphone can pick up and amplify sounds which to normal human hearing (or many recording devices) may seem nothing more than whispering or humming, in effect discouraging casual eavesdropping. The transmitter itself is about the size of a pocket calculator and is able translate and send the subvocal speech to any nearby communications system. When used in combination with a standard earpiece the subvocal microcommunicator allows for easy conversation between field agents.[1]

Subvocal microcommunicators are available in standard models or wireless version.[1]



Item: Subvocal Microcommunicator[1]
Equipment Ratings:
Standard: D/C/D
Wireless: D/C/E
Standard: 400
Wireless: 600
Notes: Range: 100 meters; Power Usage: 1/hour; micro power packs only


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