The Succession Wars

The Succession Wars
Product information
Type Board Game
Development L. Ross Babcock III (Editor-In-Chief)
Donna Ippolito (Senior Editor)
Tara Gallagher (Editor)
Robt. Wells (Editor)
Todd Huettel (Editor, Developer)
Dave Wylie (Developer)
Scott Berfield (Developer)
Jordan Weisman (Developer)
Butch Leeper (Developer)
Chris Fell (Developer)
Primary writing L. Ross Babcock III
Cover Artwork Jim Holloway
Interior Artwork Dana Knutson
Charles Bernard
Illustrations Dana Knutson
Todd F. Marsh
Jeff Laubenstein
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1612
First published 1987
ISBN-10 0-931787-72-6
MSRP $25.00
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 3025 (standard game)
2786 (alternative setup)


The Succession Wars (aka "Mechwars" in the German edition) is a board game by FASA. Published in 1987, it allows players to take on the role of one of the five main Successor Lords in 3025: Katrina Steiner, Hanse Davion, Theodore Kurita, Maximilian Liao, or Janos Marik. These lords are the heads of their individual houses (vast interstellar regions) and able to command the forces within their demesne, both regular house troops and mercenaries. An alternative setup is set in 2786, during the early Succession Wars, with different characters from the time.


Each player's turn resolves in a series of seven steps. They may move their units into spaces occupied by hostile forces which results in combat. Combat decisions are made by opposed dice rolls and continues until only one house's forces remain. Leaders engaged in combat on the losing side are not killed but instead captured. They may be killed at the beginning of the capturing player's next turn if so desired.

From the back cover[edit]


For over 200 years, the five Successor States of the near legendary Star League have warred among themselves for dominion over the whole Inner Sphere. There have been three Succession Wars to date, but no victor. The cost of war is high. The leaders of the Successor States must weigh each maneuver to see whether the gain in territory is worth the loss of 'Mechs. Only the most ruthless and brilliant leader will emerge as the next Star Lord.

The Succession Wars is a 2- to 5-player game, where each player assumes the role of a House leader. All the most famous and infamous regiments of the BattleTech universe are at your command-the elite Kurita Sword of Light, the Davion Guards, and the mercenary unit Wolf's Dragoons. The game allows players to fight any Succession War, including the fourth, toward which the Inner Sphere is now building. The game system is simple and fast, allowing strategy - not the rules - to be the deciding factor.


Game Components[edit]

The game consists of:

  • A map of the Inner Sphere with subdivisions
  • Unit pieces including
BattleMech units (both regular and mercenary units)
Manufacturing centers
  • Personalities (including house leaders and mercenary unit leaders)
  • Event cards
  • C-bills (in 1 million, 5 million, 10 million, and 20 million C-bill denominations)

Each player receives four event cards at the beginning of the game and at the beginning of their turn, they draw up to a hand of four cards. The cards allow advantages to be played for a player's units and disadvantages to be applied to their opponents.


    • War and Consolidation
    • Civil War
    • The Succession Wars
    • Current Affairs
    • Playing Pieces
    • Game Mapsheet
    • Control Markers
    • Dice
    • Sequence of Play
    • Event Cards
    • Spend Taxes
    • Movement
    • Combat
    • Technology
    • Placing New Units
    • Money
    • Leaders
    • ComStar
    • Periphery States
    • Mercenaries
    • Sequence of Play
    • Military Units
    • Leaders
    • Additional Rules
    • Order of Battle: 2786

'Mech Units[edit]

BattleMech unit pieces, both regular and mercenary, are emblazoned with the unit crest and a combat value.

House Davion:

Davion Mercenaries:

House Kurita:

Kuritan Mercs:

House Steiner:

Steiner Mercs:

House Marik:

Marik Mercs:

House Liao:

Liao Mercs:


Leaders provide each house with bonuses, including the ability to combine units in combat, modify combat rolls, and raise additional tax revenue. They also have a Loyalty rating which can be used by opponents to attempt to lure that leader away from the player. Each house has five leaders (except for House Steiner, which has six). There are also five mercenary unit leaders:


  • The game's German edition, produced by FanPro, was named MECHWARS - Kampf um die Innere Sphäre ("MECHWARS - Battle for the Inner Sphere")

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