Sullivan Koga

Sullivan Koga
Died 2 November 3062
Affiliation Clan Coyote
Profession Khan

Sullivan Koga (born ???? - died 2nd November, 3062)[1] was the Khan of Clan Coyote during the Invasion Era and after the Clans' collective defeat at Tukayyid. She would be responsible for a massive reorganization of the Clan Coyote Touman in an attempt to revitalize her Clan.[2]


After serving in the Golden Keshik as Khan Robin Steele's adjutant for the first half of her career, Sullivan Koga would become her Khan's champion in the Coyote Clan Council, fielding any challenge to Khan Steele's continued rule as her health began to fail. When Khan Steele finally stepped down in 3052, Sullivan Koga would come out on top of two other rivals for the office of Khan after a week of Council meetings and trials.[2]

Khan of the Coyotes[edit]

Her first order of business as Khan of Clan Coyote was the restructuring of the Coyote's Touman, which now faced vastly different circumstances than it had faced during the Golden Century. Though many of her warriors would protest the radical changes - including her saKhan, Silas Kufahl - Khan Koga boldly moved forward with her plans. Some Galaxies were completely dismantled - such as Beta and Xi Galaxies - while many more were revamped after years of being terribly under-equipped and under-manned, as was the case with Alpha and Delta Galaxies. Yet other Galaxies would see major shake-ups, such as when she sacked Nu Galaxy Commander Lafferty Tlavnic for incompetence and resistance to her plans, installing a natural ally in the person of Koga Bloodname House leader and former Xi Galaxy Commander Leo Koga as the commander of Nu Galaxy.[3][4][5][6]

Gathering Strength[edit]

After the events of Operation SERPENT and the Great Refusal, the Coyotes would put their newly reformed Touman to work as many Clans scrambled to grab vacated colony worlds in the Kerensky Cluster. After capturing a portion of Londerholm from the Clan Ice Hellion, she next directed her Clan to the world of Brim, where the Nova Cats were making their escape after being Abjured by the Grand Council, contesting several enclaves on that world. Khan Koga directly involved herself with the attack on the former Smoke Jaguar world of Huntress, where the Coyotes' Epsilon Galaxy[7] secured the much-coveted ProtoMech technology from the Clan Star Adder. This event was yet another great success for her Clan, though it would be tempered by loss. In a subsequent trial to procure former Jaguar techs and scientists who had been involved with the development of ProtoMech technology, Khan Koga was killed. Despite this, her Clan still went on to win the Trial of Possession.[3][8][9]


With Sullivan Koga's passing went the most forward-thinking Khan their Clan had had in many years. Her efforts to revitalize the Clan Coyote Touman were a qualified success, preparing her Clan well for the difficulties ahead, as unseen as they would turn out to be. Her successor, Silas Kufahl, would somewhat grudgingly continue the work she had done to improve her Clan.[8][9]

Title and Position[edit]

Preceded by
Robin Steele
Khan of Clan Coyote

Succeeded by
Silas Kufahl


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