Sumire Meyer

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Sumire Meyer
Character Profile
Born 2996[1]
Affiliation House Meyer
Profession Mercenary
Siblings David Meyer


Born on the Taurian Concordat world of New Vandenberg, Sumire Meyer is a scion of a minor noble family from Pomme De Terre, House Meyer, Her parents were landowners on the agricultural breadbasket world within the Draconis Combine. The Potato planet was good to the family: House Meyer's holdings were meager, but the value of that land was astronomical. For minor nobility, they were really very wealthy, but when the Third Succession War took place and the rhetoric got ugly, her parents fled the Combine.

When forced to flee the family settled in the Taurian Concordat on New Vandenberg, A lovely planet where a good two thirds of native fauna has feathers. After her family was pauperized by the flight from the Draconis Combine to the Concordat, she lost her brother David to the Third Succession War and her parents to blood cancer and heart disease. Either was treatable, but House Meyer's bank accounts were depleted at that point and they couldn't afford treatment. As such, Sumire is like many nobles in the war-torn galaxy: Impoverished, determined, and with naught but a family name to remind her of a glorious past. She eventually enrolled for training on the Taurian Naval Institute on Lompoc Station orbiting New Vandenberg. She earned her DropShip and JumpShip operation certificates in four years. Her peers generally kept her at arms length, as she was a civilian permitted to attend the institute thanks to her parents' political connections. She subsequently earned her stripes working for commercial jump crews, but then switched to mercenary flights with Markham's Marauders after realizing that the job was mostly jump sickness with little flying.[2]


Birth year is a guess based on age in character profile given in Kickstarter update and assuming timeline of 3025.


Featured only in the apocryphal BattleTech video game, the character of Sumire Meyer is apocryphal as well.


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