Sumner Osis

Sumner Osis
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar
Rank Star Captain

Star Captain Sumner Osis was the commander of Skyriders Keshik of Clan Smoke Jaguar, from at least 3052 to 3060.[1][2]

Personal Appearance[edit]

As of 3060, Osis was still a young man, despite his graying hair and cadaverous complexion.[2]


Osis led Skyriders Keshik, and acted as Galaxy Commander Hang Mehta's aide, from at least the end of Operation REVIVAL until the Task Force Serpent attack on Huntress in 3060. During Operation BULLDOG Osis fought against the Davion Assault Guards, which left him with a hand-sized scar on his right cheek caused by a burn. He survived to join Hang Mehta's retreat to the Clan Homeworlds, participating in her failed attempt in March 3060 to recapture Huntress from Task Force Serpent.[2]


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