Super-Jump Drive

More a modification of an existing jump drive than original technology, the Super-Jump Drive was used most notably by the Word of Blake during the Jihad.

Word of Blake Super-Jump Drive[edit]

The Word of Blake's super-jump technology requires a jump capable ship to have both a regular jump drive and a Lithium-Fusion Battery, in addition to a few minor adjustments to the jump drive disabling certain safety features. When performing a super-jump, the ship starts a normal jump sequence using the jump drive, then less than a second later begins a second jump sequence using the lithium-fusion battery. The resulting effect is a jump of unprecedented and virtually unlimited range, though it is theorized the maximum viable range with any accuracy is approximately 900 light years. This style of super-jump has several severe drawbacks, however. First, the super-jump completely and irreparably destroys both the jump drive and lithium-fusion battery, requiring a complete replacement of both, stranding the vessel if no replacement parts or facilities exist in the destination system. Second, the chances of misjump are increased significantly. Finally, the emergence signature is massive and unmistakable, alerting anyone in the system that a massive JumpShip or WarShip has arrived. [1] [2]

Interconnectedness Unlimited Super-Jump Drive[edit]

Allegedly developed by the mysterious Interconnectedness Unlimited in the early twenty-ninth century, IU's variant of the super-jump technology supposedly utilized the same method as the Word of Blake's, but introduced significant safety measures that created a large chance that both the jump drive and lithium-fusion battery would survive the super-jump. The result was both a significant increase in cost and weight, as well as a limited maximum jump range to around 120 light-years, still several times that of a normal jump drive. Rumors insist that Interconnectedness Unlimited managed to create at least one functional prototype utilizing the system, the Lucretia, but the company released neither the designs and methods for its supposed super-jump drive, nor has it released a ship incorporating the super-jump drive for sale. [1] [3]


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