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Support Machine Gun

Support Machine Gun


Support Machine Guns are large crew-served support weapons mounted on vehicles or emplacement turrets. Too massive for a single trooper to carry, these guns fire large-caliber bullets at much greater ranges than most other ballistic weapons and with enough firepower to be a threat to heavily-armored vehicles. Support machine guns achieve superior accuracy at these ranges thanks to their stable, static mounts and built-in recoil compensation.[1]



Item:Machine Gun, Support[2]
Equipment Rating: C/C-C-C/E
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 5B/5B
Range: 45/100/250/625 meters
Shots: 100
Cost/Reload: 1750/50
Affiliation: -
Mass/Reload: 44kg/5kg
Notes: Burst 20; Recoil -2; Crew 2


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