Supreme Mech Commander

This article is about a fan made game Mod. For Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance , see MechCommander_(Video_Game).

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Supreme Mech Commander
Product information
Type Computer Game Mod
Development Supreme Mech Commander Dev Team
Publication information
First published 2015
Era Late Succession Wars-Dark Age
Series MechCommander computer games

Supreme Mech Commander is a total conversion modification for the Supreme Commander Forged Alliance game.


Supreme Mech Commander development began mid-2015. 1st public version v0.264 was released August 21, 2015. Version 0.302, 0.341 and 0.373 followed shortly after. June 27, 2016 version 0.5 was released substantial increasing the number of available units, overhauling the weapon system and adding new mechanics such as AMS and 'Mech Repair Bays docking. On July 24th, 2017 version 0.6 was released. This added version added Clan Snow Raven and Clan Hells Horses. Close to 20 new units where introduced. November 21, 2018; version 0.7 released. It refined the faction system by condensing the Clans units into one solid Clan faction and introduced the Lyran Alliance, adding over 50 new units which brought the total Battle Tech unit count to over 120. There were also some fundamental balance changes with update 0.7, as well as needed bug fixes.

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Support[edit]

Supreme Mech Commander is supported for both standalone and the Steam version. There is currently no support for Forged Alliance Forever (FAF) integration.

Gameplay Elements[edit]

Multiplayer, BattleTech-on-BatteTech unit combat is the main focus of the development team, though pains have been taken to add Single Player support. AI play for BattleTech factions is not advised as no AI scripting has currently been done, but AI can control default Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance factions, and Supreme Mech Commander units have been modified to balance. Players can Co-Op against AI-controlled default factions, fight default faction vs BattleTech faction, or wage BattleTech-to-BattleTech faction combat against each other.

Annihilation is the recommended gamemode, particularly if playing vs AI.

The Commander has been replaced by a Lee Dropship, which serves as a starting resource generator and makeshift, tier one unit factory. The Lee Dropship starts with diminished health and can be repaired to serve as a stronger mid-game defense and deterrent unit, with flight-capable mobility. It will go nuclear if destroyed.

Modified Game Mechanics[edit]

While game balance took priority, the intent of the developers was to keep the integrity of the tabletop experience while translating it to an RTS format. Callbacks to Mechcommander were also integrated where possible, particularly in some basic sensor suite values. In all other cases, BattleTech values were translated into real-world values, then again translated into their ingame engine equivalents. Some licenses were taken for unknown values such as maneuverability of aerospace fighters and VTOLs to lend specific unit role identity, particularly to fighter/attacker/transport craft.

To-Hit probability as a major factor in BattleTech was simulated by projectile flight times and inherent weapon accuracy. Observed factors to accuracy include movement, both by attacker and target, and distance to the target.

Unit costs are based on Battle Value (BV 2.0), with mass costs being the base, and energy costs being a multiplier based on unit type.

Other notable features include:

  • Turret systems
    • Turrets are blind without a Turret Control Tower to provide intel or nearby combat units.
  • Unit Beagle Active Probe and ECM systems
    • Evry BattleMech mounts a sensor system, which varies in complexity.
    • Some vehicles carry sensor systems as well.
    • AeroTech units rely exclusively on Radar for target tracking and to formulate a fire solution.
    • As mentioned above turrets relly on Radar intel from Turret Control Towers of nearby combat units.
  • Weapon damage and armor multipliers
    • Units take more damage from crit prone weapon systems like LBX, LRMs, and SRMs. This is done to simulate critical damage.
      • 1.1x damage vs BattleMechs
      • 1.2x damage vs Tracked Vehicle
      • 1.3x damage vs Wheeled Vehicle
      • 1.4x damage vs Hover Vehicle
      • 2.5x damage vs Aero
  • Starting commander unit is a damaged Lee Class Dropship.
  • Unique transport system
    • Karnov Transport - 6 Battle Armor
    • Bandit G - 5 Battle Armor
    • Gazzel - 14 Vehicles
    • Leopard - 4 Mechs
  • Battletech true speed value for ground units.
  • Fully functional Anti Missile System(AMS), shoots down SRM and LRM missiles.
  • Weapon effects that mimic BattleTech weapon systems.
  • Faction specific and shared generic units.
  • Battletech true speed value for Aero units.
    • Max speed adjusted to compensate for maneuvering thurst.
  • Some Clan unis possesses battlefield salvage abilities.

Featured Equipment[edit]

  • Sensors:
    • Basic ('Mech) 1050m
    • Intermediate ('Mech) 1410m
    • Advanced ('Mech) 1575m
    • Vehicle 1050m
    • Vehicle Advanced 1410m
    • Dropship Sensor 2000m
    • Clan Standard 1155m
    • Clan Extended 1575m

  • Sight Range (Visual Range)
    • Infantry 150m
    • Vehicle 375m
    • Mech 450m
    • AeroTech 150m
    • Dropship 400m

  • Special
    • BAP ----m Counters ECM, Range is equal to units sensor range
    • ECM 1570m ECM functions in providing “Ghost Targets”
    • AMS 600m Intercepts a small quantity of incoming missiles


  • Federated Suns
  • Lyran Alliance
  • Clans


As of version 0.7, there are over 100+ new units; 30 Mechs, 34 Vehicles, 17 Aerospace, 2 Naval, 3 Battlearmor, and 22 Buildings. The units are organized based on lore to give each faction a unique feel.

Battle Mechs[edit]

Federated Suns

Lyran Alliance



Federated Suns

Lyran Alliance



Federated Suns

Lyran Alliance

Lyran Alliance

Battle Armor[edit]


Lyran Alliance



  • Tier 1 Mech Factory
  • Tier 2 Mech Factory
  • Tier 1 Vehicle Factory
  • Tier 2 Vehicle Factory
  • Tier 1 Air Factory
  • Tier 2 Air Factory
  • Tier 2 Dropship Factory
  • Turret Control Tower
  • Heavy Turret Control Tower
  • Auxiliary Power Generator
  • Power Generator
  • Mech Repair Bay

Inner Sphere

  • Quad AC/2 AA Turret
  • Dual UAC/5 AA Turret
  • Large Laser Turret
  • Calliope Turret
  • Long Tom Cannon Turret
  • Long Tom Fixed Artillery
  • Gauss Rifle Turret


  • Dual Clan LBX/5 Anti-Air Turret
  • Dual ERPPC Turret
  • Medium Pulse Laser Turret