Sven Newmark

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Sven Newmark
Also known as Reginald Starling

Character Description[edit]

Reginald Starling, born as Sven Newmark, was one of Ryan Steiner's chief aides during Ryan's tenure as leader of the Isle of Skye separatist movement. Newmark was one of two aides of Ryan Steiner's who was therefore privy too Katherine Steiner-Davions complicity in the murder of her mother, Melissa Steiner-Davion, as well as the apparent assassination of her potential beau Galen Cox, knowing full well off Ryan's implicit role in setting up the assassination attempt.

Reginald Starling[edit]

After Melissa's assassination, Newmark fled Katherine's Loki agents and settled in the Arc-Royal Defense Cordon where he created for himself the fictitious identity of a semi-famous painter named Reginald Starling in order to help hide him from Katherine's agents. Unfortunately, "Archon-Princess" Katherine Steiner-Davion Loki agents became aware of his continued existence on Arc-Royal. The agents killed him and made it look like a suicide by slashing his wrists and planting him in a bathtub.


Upon discovering his death, one of his Davion minders, Francesca Jenkins (coincidentally, the same agent who had discovered Joshua Marik's replacement with a body double, and who had also begun to develop genuine feelings for Newmark's "Starling" persona) killed the Loki agents with the aid of her partner, Agent Curaitis, and then contracted an art forger to assume Starling's identity and keep painting political criticisms of Katherine Steiner-Davion in "Starling's" style. Dubbed the "Bloody Princess" series, these were created to give Katherine the impression that Starling still lived, putting pressure on her to take action to cover up any other loose ends from her murder of her mother, thus giving the agents further opportunities to discover direct evidence of her complicity in the assassination to present to Victor Steiner-Davion to use to depose his sister.