Swamp Fox

Swamp Fox
Vessel Profile
Previous names Vengeance[1]
Type Surface Vessel[1]
Class Monitor[1]

The Swamp Fox was a Monitor-class Naval Vessel captured by rebel forces on Norn II, aka Verthandi, in 3025.[1]


In mid-3025, a full scale rebellion broke out on Verthandi against the ruling Draconis Combine government. In the first month of the rebellion, rebel forces led by Frances Marrion disguised themselves as stevedores at Port Gaspin. When the Combine forces docked the Vengeance, a Monitor class surface vessel, to take on supplies, the rebels overpowered the crew and took control of the vessel.

Frances renamed the ship Swamp Fox and for the next four months raided Combine installations throughout the Silvan Basin. Soon the rebels had almost complete control of the area.

To put down the rebellion on Verthandi, the Combine sent in massive reinforcements. Their prime target was the destruction of the Swamp Fox. The Combine forces lured the rebels in with a supply depot stationed near the river. When the Swamp Fox moved in to attack, four BattleMechs that had been underwater emerged to engage the ship. Despite a valiant resistance, that destroyed two Combine Marauders and crippled a Shadow Hawk, the Swamp Fox was sunk and her crew killed.[1]


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