Sylph BA LTMEG.png
Production information
Manufacturer Clan Cloud Cobra
Production Year 3060[1]
Use Scout
Weight Class Light
Tech Base Clan
Cost 475,000 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mass 750 kg
Top Speed 10 km/h
Armor Type Standard
BV (1.0) 50


The Sylph was created by Clan Cloud Cobra to augment their vast aerospace forces with a fully-airborne battle armor suit. Naming it after elemental spirits representing air, development of the suit was driven as much by the Cloud Cobra's faith as it was by Khan Din Steiner's orders. Despite their scientist caste's vast knowledge of aircraft, the Clan had a great deal of trouble getting the VTOL capabilities of the Sylph to function, with a number of test pilots dying during its secretive development. As it is, the Sylph only possesses limited flight capabilities, but even this remains an impressive accomplishment.[2][3]

First deployed in 3060, the Sylph has since become a staple of the Cloud Cobra touman. The training necessary to pilot a Sylph is far more intensive than other suits, but those who succeed are given as much respect as pilots. Another interesting byproduct of the Sylph is that the Cobras obviously invested heavily in the design before it was even completed, having already graduated sibkos of mixed Elemental and fighter pilot bloodlines specifically to operate the suits. Outside of the Cloud Cobras the other Clans have adopted the suit with more caution. Both Clan Snow Raven and Clan Diamond Shark obtained a handful of suits through Trials of Possession, though they've since limited their use to test deployments, while Clan Star Adder began deploying the suits with their Alpha and Beta Galaxies.[2]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The weaponry on the Sylph is more limited than the Elemental suit, with a fixed Micro Pulse Laser in the right arm and a Battle Claw in the left. Backing up the laser is a relatively primitive one-shot cluster Bomb Rack attached to the suit's jump pack. The centerpiece of the Sylph design is its advanced propulsion system, which was adapted from the jump jets that other battlesuits use, the sylph's advanced propulsion system allows it to maintain a steady air speed of 53 km/h. In addition to the normal controls found in other suits the Sylph utilizes a complex system of pedals and leg harness when in flight; any loss in concentration will more likely than not send the Sylph into an uncontrollable death spiral. The ability to hover is regulated by computer controls which divert thrust from the main jets through dozens of directional exhaust ports, which also gives the suit its incredible agility. The price for this however is that the Sylph mounts half as much armor as the Elemental suit and carries only a lightweight weapons package.[2][3]


  • Upgrade 
    The upgraded version on the Sylph replaces the laser and bomb rack with a Heavy Machine Gun in the right arm and a standard Machine Guns in the left. This improves overall damage output while seriously increasing the lethality to unarmored infantry, while the addition of a body-mounted Searchlight makes it a lethal nightfighter.[2] BV (1.0) = 37
  • Sylph-XR 
    Created by Clan Snow Raven in 3077 during the Jihad, this unique variant trades the original's flight capability for increased ground speed. A Battle Armor Myomer Booster system in place of the flight pack allows it to reach speeds of 58 km/h, faster than most any other suit, while the bomb rack and laser were traded in for a pair of arm-mounted Light Machine Guns and a body-mounted Searchlight. The result of these changes was an excellent anti-infantry and counterinsurgency unit, able to outrun most infantry units and inflict massive amounts of damage on them. Several Points of these suits were first put to use in trial runs on Ramora to flush out Blakist terror groups. While successful, a common complaint was a lack of heavy weaponry for fighting tougher opponents and extreme user discomfort caused by insufficient thermal insulation around the booster. A few Sylph-XR pilots were killed when they opened their visors for a breath of fresh air, only to be targeted by eagle-eyed snipers. BV (2.0) = 42[4]
  • Enhanced Sylph 
    This is the production version of the Sylph-XR first introduced by the Snow Ravens. While it maintains the battle armor myomer booster, the light machine guns and searchlight were replaced with a single ER Micro Laser in the right arm, an Anti-Personnel Weapon Mount in the left and, perhaps most significantly, the use of Basic Manipulators to allow the Enhanced Sylph to perform anti-'Mech attacks and ride on OmniMechs. While additional cooling systems were installed to address the XR's other major drawback, it still remains the least comfortable battlesuit to pilot and requires extra physical conditioning to withstand the waste heat. The Enhanced Sylph's first major engagement was against a band of pirates led by former Clan Smoke Jaguar warriors. The faster Sylphs were able to outmaneuver the slower Elementals and force the pirate infantry to withdraw, leaving their 'Mechs exposed. Although twenty percent of the Enhanced Sylph force was lost, the Snow Ravens believed this would have been greater had they used slower suits instead and possibly resulted in a stalemate. BV (2.0) = 34[5]

Custom Variants[edit]

  • Tinkerbelle 
    Debuted in 3144 on the Black Hills Urban Combat Zone Arena and piloted by Jillian Robertson and squad, this variant is another weight upgraded rebuild of an existing Clan battlesuit model. The base chassis was increased in mass to improve its armor and weapon options, without sacrificing the suit’s airborne mobility or its anti-'Mech attack options. The variant retains the Clan engineering HarJel technology and the life support systems keeping its warrior battle-ready even when compromised. The lighter-weight Clan armor has been upgraded here by sixty percent over the original, that now can sustain hits from all but the heaviest lasers and autocannon, while still closing in to swarm its target. The variant trades the original Sylph’s bomb rack for a one shot five-pack of SRMs which also gives it a little extra punch, allowing a squad of these up-sized air Elementals to put some serious hurt on even a medium BattleMech. BV (2.0) = 52.[6]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Enhanced Sylph variant is subject of the following Design Quirks:[5]

The Sylph-XR variant has following Design Quirks:[4]


  • In German products, the unit's proper name was translated to Sylphe.



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