TC Bull

The TC Bull is the name for currency issued by the Taurian Concordat.


Concordat currency is based on the bull, which comes in gold or silver coins and bills of varying denominations. Coins, all stamped at the government mint on Taurus, carry on their faces the image of a colony ship circa 2250, surrounded by eight stars representing the eight habitable systems initially discovered in the Hyades Cluster. The reverse bears a bull’s head, imprinted with a number indicating denomination. Paper notes carry the ship-and-stars image on the face, but individual worlds imprint the reverse sides with images that reflect local color: prominent native sons or daughters, famous events in planetary history, local products or industries, well-known landmarks, and so on.[1]

As per 3058 its exchange rate against the C-Bill is 0,2. This makes it the strongest currency of the Periphery powers.[2]

As per 3067 its exchange rate against the C-Bill is 0,25. This makes the currency with best exchange rate against the C-Bill at this time, same as the MC Dollar. The Coin Metal is Gold displaying the Image of Spaceship and Stars and with the Paper Color being Blue and displaying the Image of Spaceship and Stars and the Reverse Image of a Local Image.[3]

During the Dark Age, the exchange rate with the C-Bill was of 0.12 prior to the Blackout and 0.85 after the blackout.[4]


The currency of the Taurian Concordant changed from Bull to TC Bull when the Calderon Protectorate was formed in order to distinguish from the currency used there, also called Bull.[citation needed]


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