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TSEMP (Tight-Stream-Electro-Magnetic-Pulse) is an energy weapon debuted in 3135. It is a long range weapon that has a low damage output. However, the weapon is essentially a focused EMP burst, and has the ability to temporarily shut down any electronics.[1]

The TSEMP cannon was developed by the Republic of the Sphere, and was based on Word of Blake's BattleMech Taser technology. Early prototypes of the TSEMP cannons were used by the Republic Armed Forces during the Republic's Military Materiel Redemption Program to shut down privately held military equipment without inflicting a lot of collateral damage.[2]

The Republic developed two versions of this weapon: The TSEMP One-shot and the TSEMP Cannon. The early prototypes mentioned above were likely one-shot versions, as the TSEMP Cannon didn't enter service with the RAF until 3109.[3]


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