TW Piloting Skill Roll Table

See Total Warfare, Page 60.

Piloting Skill Roll Table[edit]

BattleMech's Situation Modifier
Damage to BattleMech
BattleMech takes 20+ Damage Points in one phase +1
BattleMech reactor shuts down +3 1
Leg/foot actuator destroyed +1
Hip actuator destroyed +2
Gyro hit +3
Gyro destroyed Automatic Fall 2
Leg destroyed Automatic Fall 3
Physical Attacks on BattleMech
BattleMech was kicked 0
BattleMech was pushed 0
BattleMech was successfully charged/death from above +2
Unit's Actions
BattleMech missed kick 0
BattleMech makes a successful charging attack +2
BattleMech made death from above attack +4 4
BattleMech entering Depth 1 Water hex -1
BattleMech entering Depth 2 Water hex 0
BattleMech entering Depth 3+ Water hex +1
BattleMech attempting to stand 0
BattleMech entering Rubble hex 0
Running unit moves after facing change while on pavement See Skidding TW p.62
Ranking VTOL moves after facing change See Sideslipping TW p.67
BattleMech jumping with damaged gyro or leg/foot/hip actuators per Preexisting Damage below
BattleMech jumping with destroyed leg per Preexisting Damage below
BattleMech running with damaged hip or gyro per Preexisting Damage below
Special Cases
MechWarrior trying to avoid damage when his BattleMech is falling +1/level fallen 8
IndustrialMech trying to avoid critical damage when falling +1/level fallen 8
IndustrialMech with ICE power plant fails PSR (see Piloting/Driving Skill Rolls, TW p.59) 0 (no additional modifiers)
Four-legged `Mech with intact legs -2
Unintentional charge +3
`Mech mounts small cockpit +1
Preexisting Damage
Per leg/foot actuator previously destroyed +1
Per hip actuator previously destroyed +2 5
Gyro previously hit +3
Leg previously destroyed +5 6
Skidding Movement
Hexes Moved in Turn
0-2 -1
3-4 0
5-7 +1
8-10 +2
11+ +4
Building Movement 7
Unit entering/leaving Light Building hex 0
Unit entering/leaving Medium Building hex +1
Unit entering/leaving Heavy Building hex +2
Unit entering/leaving Hardened Building hex +5
Hexes Moved in Turn
1-2 0
3-4 +1
5-6 +2
7-9 +3
10+ +4

1 - Only during the phase that the reactor shuts down. If the MechWarrior must make a Piloting Skill Roll for a Mech with a shut-down reactor the BattleMech automatically falls.

2 - The modifier for a destroyed gyro is +6 when making a Piloting Skill Roll to avoid damaging the MechWarrior during an automatic fall.

3 - The modifier for a destroyed leg is +5 when making a Piloting Skill Roll to avoid damaging the MechWarrior during an automatic fall.

4 - Automatic fall if death from above attack is unsuccessful.

5 - Ignore all modifiers from previous critical hits on that leg.

6 - Do not add modifiers for other damaged actuators in the leg.

7 - To avoid damage only. Does not result in a fall if Piloting Skill Roll fails. See Buildings TW p.166. Add an additional modifier of 1 if unit is charging or being charged (in addition to the +2 modifier normally required in that situation).

8 - For the purposes of falling, a ‘Mech only rises 1 level above the underlying terrain

Editors Notes[edit]

This table has changed little between BattleTech Master Rules, Revised and Total Warfare. New entries for IndustrialMechs have been added. Other modifiers are unchanged.

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