Taborri Amaris

Taborri Amaris
Taborri Amaris
Born28 August 2724[1]
AffiliationHouse Amaris
Position(s)First Lady of the Rim Worlds Republic[1]
Countess of Black Earth[1]
SpouseStefan Amaris[1]
ChildrenTwo sons and three daughters[4]

Taborri Amaris was a noblewoman from the Rim Worlds Republic, most famous for being the wife of Stefan Amaris.


Taborri Amaris was born the fourth of six children to a family of wealthy industrialists on Black Earth. She never expected a future beyond running a branch of her family's petrochemical business, and consequently never put serious effort towards her education, preferring to let her natural beauty advance her interests. After barely graduating primary school she received a large sum of money as a graduation present, which she used to tour the Rim Worlds.[1]

Taborri met the future Usurper in 2743 while attending a graduation ceremony for new officers from the Apollo Military Academy. The two became inseparable and married three years later. Although the wedding was attended by every planetary ruler in the Republic, no foreign leaders deigned to show up, a slight Taborri would never let her husband forget.[1] She wielded significant power over Stefan and seemingly had him wrapped around her little finger.[5]


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