Tactical Handbook

Tactical Handbook cover.jpg
Tactical Handbook
Product information
Type Rulebook
Development Rob Cruz
Scott Jenkins
Sam Lewis
Primary writing Jim Long
Stuart Johnson (LAM rules)
Pages 80
Cover Artwork Doug Chaffee (Painting)
Joel Biske (Design)
Illustrations Paul Daly
John Paul Lona
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 8630
First published 1994
ISBN-10 1555602126
ISBN-13 978-1555602123
MSRP $12.00
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline ca. 3055


The BattleTech Tactical Handbook was the first expansion to the BattleTech board game that included so called Rules Level Three optional rules and equipment. These rules included the much-maligned Combat Value system for balancing force and the Double-Blind rules that enable players and a gamemaster to allow both sides the use of hidden units. Plenty of new arms, armor, and ammunition debuted. Some of the equipment and rules were later included in Maximum Tech.

From the back cover[edit]

Thirty-one hours ago your lance commander ordered you into position. Twenty-eight hours ago you finished draping the thermal camo tarps over your 'Mech. And for the past 27 hours you've been sitting in your cockpit, systems on minimum power, waiting in the dark — waiting for the Clans.

Suddenly your thermal sensors detect multiple 'Mechs moving 100 meters directly ahead. Your fingers fly over the weapons controls, disengaging PPC field inhibitors, hot-loading LRMs... green board. A single pull of the trigger sends fiery missile plumes and white-hot plasma streaking through the air, and the night erupts in a lethal inferno...

The BattleTech Tactical Handbook is an advanced-rules supplement for the BattleTech game universe. The Handbook provides advanced rules and equipment that enables players to add new depth and intensity to their games. Guidelines for creating long-term campaigns and double-blind games, formulas for calculating the combat values of all BattleTech combat units, detailed descriptions of advanced weapon systems and more make the BattleTech Tactical Handbook a necessity for the serious BattleTech player.


  • Weapon and Equipment Tables



  1. Interstellar Operations pp. 105–106 shows LAMs are extinct in 3050, and are listed as Experimental Technology.