Takashi Memorial Spaceport

The Takashi Memorial Spaceport (also known as the Takashi Kurita Memorial Spaceport) is a drop-port located on the continent of Hokkaido, just south of Imperial City, on the planet Luthien.[1][2] It was a site for a large percentage of the combat that took place on Luthien during the Jihad, primarily between the DCMS Loyalists, Kokuryu-kai, Clan Ghost Bear and the Word of Blake.[3]

Significant Events[edit]

On 28 November 3073, the First Battle of the Takashi Memorial Spaceport saw the destruction of the Kokuryu-kai's main headquarters compound, at the hands of the Blakist 32nd Division.[3]

On 21 December 3074, the installation was the site of the Word of Blake's 32nd Division's battle line and their ultimate destruction at the hands of the Ghost Bear's Rho Galaxy. The spaceport itself was ruined in the battle, with fires burning for four days following. The spaceport would not open again to public and commercial business until well after July 3075, due to damage to Sector 4-G8's support services.[4][5]


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