Takeo Kurita (21st c.)

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Takeo Kurita II
Affiliation Terran Alliance
Profession Lieutenant colonel in Alliance Global Militia

Takeo Kurita is the great-great-great-great grand-nephew of the Japanese admiral Takeo Kurita and the grandson of Takayoshi Fuchida.[1][2]


Early Life[edit]

Takeo Kurita was born to a child of Takayoshi Fuchida and Katherine Kurita, from whom the lineage of House Kurita developed.[2][3]

Revolt in Brazil[edit]

In July 2098, Takeo Kurita was a lieutenant colonel and battalion commander in one of two Terran Alliance paracavalry divisions deployed to resolve labor strikes in Brazil. He was both commended for bravery under hazardous conditions and was disciplined for "use of excessive force against unarmed civilians".[2]


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