Takiro Kurita

Takiro Kurita
Takiro Kurita
Born17 January 2646[1]
Died8 February 2767[1]
AffiliationHouse Kurita
Title(s)Duke of Luthien
Position(s)Coordinator of Worlds
ParentsUrizen Kurita II (father)
SiblingsGozo Kurita[2]
Nariko Kurita[2]
Christopher Kurita[2]
Soto Kurita[2]
ChildrenMinoru Kurita

Takiro Kurita was the twentieth Coordinator of the Draconis Combine.


Though Takiro was the eldest of Urizen's six children, there had been opposition to his appointment as Coordinator because of his previous deep commitment to a life of contemplation and reflection. Yet, he was a true example of what a samurai should be.[3]

While Takiro was still only the heir to the throne, two district governors used the ISF to stage an assassination attempt against the young heir. The attempt failed, and Takiro had the captured ISF agents tortured into revealing who had put them up to it. With the blessing of his enraged father, Takiro hunted down the two men. Though Takiro executed only the two shugos and their male children, it ended once and for all the talk that Takiro was too "soft".[3]

He was the force behind the development of the Panther and Dragon 'Mechs.[4]

He was the Coordinator when Simon Cameron died in a mining accident in 2751.[5]

As part of the Star League ruling council, the first major action was to pass an amendment to Michael Cameron's Council Edict of 2650.[6]

When his brother Soto Kurita married Mary Davion he got the possibility to meddle in House Davion affairs. When Roger Davion responded to the marriage by passing the Act of Succession, stripping Mary Davion of her right to the throne; Mary acceded to the Act, giving up her rights for her husband. Joseph Davion was recognized as Roger's heir, and the issue appeared to be resolved. Mary and Soto went on to have a son, Vincent, and matters would remain peaceful until Mary's death in 2715. Then Takiro Kurita produced paperwork stating that while Mary had acceded to the Act of Succession, she hadn't abrogated the rights of her children, and that Vincent should be the legal heir to the throne of the Federated Suns. Takiro's claims were rejected by Joseph Davion, who had become First Prince in 2703 after the death of Roger Davion, and ultimately led to the War of Davion Succession, one of the few open armed conflicts between member states during the era of the Star League and the death of Joseph Davion.[7]

When the Amaris Coup started and he discovered that his grandnephew Drago Kurita (Ambassador to the Star League) and his family were still on Terra under the "protective custody" of Stefan Amaris his first reaction was anger.

Takiro suffered heart failure a few days later. He lingered for a day, discussing political questions with his son Minoru and quietly whispering to his gathered family that he would soon be visiting their honored ancestors. He made a deathbed request to his son to handle the situation through negotiation and not violence.[8]


An odd man, Takiro. Plenty of Kurita fire, yet underneath it all, it almost seems that he'd be happier in a Buddhist monastery somewhere.
  — Simon Cameron, as quoted in Simon Cameron: The Official Biography, ComStar Source Library[3]
Death comes to all, and so one must not sit and brood about it. Seize the opportunity to wield your fate as though it were a sword and be glad that the world is suddenly different.
  — Takiro Kurita, from a speech to a gathering of business leaders, given immediately after the death of Simon Cameron[5]


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