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Star League Divisions: Reunification War to Liberation of Terra[edit]

Partial log of the clarification of the relationship between Reunification War era Divisions and 28th century Divisions within the SLDF. BrokenMnemonic (talk) 03:44, 1 July 2013 (PDT)

So, my long-winded question is: can the Divisions listed within the Star League sourcebook be traced back directly to those Divisions listed within Historial: Reunification War? Is it fair to assume that the 4th Division listed under II Corps in Historical: Reunification War went on to become the 4th Royal Infantry Division (The Gurkha Rifles) listed under LXIII Corps in the Star League sourcebook, for example?
  — BrokenMnemonic, 30 Sep 2011
In general, yes.

Almost all of the "royal" divisions during the RW were also royals during the 2750+ period, and vice versa. There's a couple of discrepancies, but that's easily chocked up to reorganizations and redisgnations during the interim.

My personal view is that the RW corps became the basis for the later armies, so the correlation of corps, armies and army groups is different. (Likewise, the divisions were reorganized out of their original corps at some date after the RW.)

  — Bones, Freelance BattleTech Writer, CGL Ask The Writers Forum, 05 Oct 2011