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Topic: Is the Roadrunner canon?[edit]

The RD-1R is a 15-ton 'Mech that appeared on an "update flyer" in 1993 (I heard about it from the famous Technical Readout Legends website: The flyer was published by FASA, but it's not a book and is a little kooky besides. So my question is, is the flyer's version of the 'Mech canon?
The Roadrunner is apocryphal. Non-canon until such time as we deem it fit for re-release.
- Herb

Topic: Devil[edit]

There are two sources for a Baboon variant called the Devil:
1) The infamous 1993 update flyer described the TZ-1 Devil as a 30-ton design with an ERPPC, based on the Baboon and seen in the Jade Falcon OZ.
2) TRO3055U lists a Baboon variant named Devil, with ERPPC and A'TMs (though obviously still a 20-ton design like the Baboon).
1) Do these two sources describe the same 'Mech?
2) If answer #1 is Yes, do they describe different variants of the same 'Mech?
3a) If answer #2 is No, which configuration/weight is correct (the latter publication I assume)? Should this be taken to mean the initial ComStar report was inaccurate?
The premise of the entry is one of those nods we made to the old FASA flyer that also included the Roadrunner. While the Roadrunner was axed (sorry; not available under tourney-legal/advanced rules, where over 95% of the TRO entries are intended to belong), the Devil was given a second chance as a Baboon variant.
Therefore, of your options, the TRO3055U account is accurate, and the 1993 FASA flyer is apocryphal.
- Herb