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Nice 'Mech considered a mini archer. Best use against vehicles with its artmis controlled LRM 15's it has simmilar capabilities to a standard LRM 20. However it lacks the crunch power against medium mechs and heavier, teamed up with a close ranged mech or a PPC/AC10/AC20/Gauss rifle 'Mech it is a sutble design. --— The preceding unsigned comment was provided by (talkcontribs) .

Its good that its noted that its quite slow for a "modern" medium mech. (Note the lack of XL engine.) As long as it doesn't have to deviate from its role as a fire-support mech, its effective. Aside from that, many players (myself included) don't care much for the I.S. Small Pulse Laser, preferring the stadard Medium Laser. ClanWolverine101