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Lol, up with Aussies!!! Mop no more 11:34, 10 March 2010 (UTC)

minor changes[edit]

I know this is Fanon and as such is not generally edited by others, but i love this idea so ive just fixed some spelling/grammar. Hoping you dont mind to much, you've done an awesome job on this.

Up with Aussies!

Mop no more 13:16, 11 March 2010 (UTC)


I know I'm posting a fair bit on this, but it's what I do... Have you considered creating an AusCorp Defense Force? I know it's all Fanon, but it's one of the few ozzy things on here, so maybe it would be worth making a little bigger. If you do decide to create this ADF/ACDF, maybe let me know, I have some ideas, and possibly some 'australian' designs that could be used by this lot. As I said previously, great job.

Mop no more 13:45, 11 March 2010 (UTC)

No worries Mop, glad to have the feed back. I'm really just winging things as they come to mind at the moment. I guess my main reason for keeping things small was the question that I asked myself "why is the greatest military force in the history of the human race not mentioned anywhere?" ;) I have a wider vision for why this is so and it is to do with the history of AusCorp, which I'll get to soon.

Any input would be welcome and feel free to correct grammar, typo's and spelling. just note that I use Australian spelling.

I'd be interested in Aussie designs. A "Kangaroo" light 'Mech maybe or perhaps a "Stumpjumper" ? "Magpie" Aerospace Fighter ?  :)

Lol, i Have one design, its a 65 ton mech called the steyer, ill make an article for it over the weekend. Another design i have fits with the AIF strike quickly or whatever it was. Its a 60 ton chassis mounting a 360 XL enging to make it as fast as it can be. I'll Also be making that article over the weekend. I like the idea of a stump jumper so ill make something to fit. Any particular emphasis on anything?

Mop no more 03:31, 12 March 2010 (UTC)

Styer would probably more Austrian than Australian tho' the names are close. Of course the planet Australia is in the Lyran sphere so some Germanic influence could be expected. One of the things I had always thought of investigating is the fact that a Kangaroo moves with the most efficient means of locomotion of any animal on Earth...... maybe a 'Mech that bounds like a Kangaroo? Super fast but with low heat maybe.


The Steyr Mech is up in the Custom mech pages. Check it out if you want. Im working on the Kangaroo now.