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Novel Double Blind[edit]

As I Have already written under the 13th Lyran Guards entry:

"The novel Double-Blind mentions the 13th but that seems to by an error by the author as the 30th Lyran Guards was stationed on New Home not the 13th, they were on Keid. This is also supported as the CO of the Lyran unit is mentioned as Dolores Whitman, the Chaos March (sourcebook) states the CO of the New Home Regulars, that's the part of the 30th that mutinied and flew back to New Home, as Delores Whitman despite the typo they seem to be the same person."

So my assumption is that they were with the 30th Lyran Guards on New Home. OK there is still the chance that the planets were mixed up but the 30th were already on New Home before the War of 39 and a mix up between thirtieth and thirteenth seems much more likely.--BigDuke66 13:26, 20 February 2009 (PST)