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On Marauder Components[edit]

According to the TRO:3055, the Bandersnatch does not use "common components with the Marauder in an attempt to make the 'Mech cheaper and easier to repair". The only reference to the Bandersnatch having any similarity with the MAD was that the designer, Felifious Bander, "considered the Marauder's chassis", and "so he designed and built his 'Mech with a similar design and style."

The Bandersnatch being of a "similar design and style" to the Marauder does not indicate that it shares components with the MAD nor does it mean that the BNDR is cheaper or easier to repair in any way.

Note: the other two 'Mechs that were related to the Marauder (i.e. in the same series) are actually the Dragon Fire DGR-3F (TRO:3058) and the Maelstrom MTR-5K (TRO:3058). Even then, both entries do not specify that they share components in any way as well.

Yes, but TRO 3055 Upgrade mentions that "Bander modeled his design on the popular Marauder, giving the Bandersnatch a similar profile and style and ensuring a large supply of compatible parts." which would suggest that they do share components. Onisuzume 15:28, 3 November 2008 (PST)

I see. Okay, since the upgrade is newer, let's follow that then. ;)


So the primary factory is on a world that was part of the WoB Protectorate since well before the Jihad. Wouldn't it make sense for the WoB to keep pushing it with their own variant? ClanWolverine101 15:30, 26 April 2010 (UTC)