Talk:BattleCorps Unit Digests

How to use this list[edit]

A word on what I've done here, and a request that other editors adhere to these guidelines:

  • I have included each digest as a separate section, with an appropriate section tag. This will allow other BTW articles to directly link to individual scenarios using a [[BattleCorps Unit Digests#unit digest name]] link. I feel this is an important aspect, because some digests do contain nuggets of canonical information on the sidelines and may need to be referenced in other articles. This is also the reason why I decided against organizing the article content into a table.
  • I have consciously suppressed the auto-generation of a Table of Contents through the __NOTOC__ "magic word". There is only a single layer of sections in this article (the individual entries) and a TOC would thus be pointless, besides messing up the formatting.
  • The digests are named exactly as they are on the BattleCorps site. This is to make them easier to find within the article, and to establish some sort of naming scheme. Similarly, the teaser text is copied straight from BattleCorps with no regards for spelling or formatting.

Oh, and please leave this section at the very top of the discussion page. :) Frabby 22:18, 5 January 2011 (UTC)