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Changes to formatting[edit]

I've reformatted some of the tables for greater utility; I believe lists of stats are of little use when the characters in said list do not actually have any. Does this look better? Also, for the time being I've removed three names from the article: I couldn't find any information on who Karen Andris and Raulo Grigas are anywhere on the web, and "Arms Dealer" was way too generic (otherwise we'd also have to add various nameless APC drivers for the Arano Restoration etc.). If anyone can add something about Andris and Grigas, please add them back in! --akashi 00:00, 31. May 2018 (GMT)

The named characters are minor characters within the game,that I have seen in youtube playthroughs, (I own the game but have had a persistant crashing issue so have not even attempted to play it much just yet. And the "Arms dealer" is the son of Samuel Ostergaard, I am not sure if he is actually named, I have not found one but he is pretty much a pivotal character in the story even if it is in death. Also you removed stats for some characters because we don't have them for all characters in the same block? Seems a bit backwards to me that. Some of the characters do not have stats but some I just do not have access too. Either way, the point of this list is to name everybody in the game in a GAME related format, then have wikiinks to more fluffy versions.--Dmon (talk) 19:38, 30 May 2018 (EDT)
From the 23 characters, only 1 (Kamea) was listed with her pilot stats (which don't really help the player in any way either, since they do not change, can't be altered, and her participation is mandatory). Several of the lists don't even feature any stats at all, which made me feel they are redundant/cluttery. I can see the point about the game-related format, being a game resource article, but I think it's also a bit misleading when the article basically hints at them serving in a piloting role due to its presentation and apparent focus. If the characters are not relevant for a stat-based video game resource, but only for the game's fluff, perhaps they should not be listed here at all? From this perspective, the current approach seems like it doesn't really know what it wants to be. Ask yourself: is the information these lists convey actually valuable to a player only looking for stats?
For Andris and Grigas, I'm not sure if it's worth listing them just as names without any info at all, especially when you haven't seen them yourself, so they could be part of a modded game. But fair enough on the Arms Dealer, though the aforementioned caveat on suitability for a stat-focused article applies.
I also remain convinced that the callsigns should be listed without quotation marks to reflect how they are actually shown/used in the game.
That said, since this is opinion vs opinion, and you created the page, I'll back down and leave this alone rather than just reverting. If the community feels differently, it can be picked up again by other contributors. --akashi 13:00, 31. May 2018 (GMT)
In truth in a gamer stat vs fluff enviroment I will happily remove every single shred of gamer stuff on the entire wiki in a heartbeat, nothing against the game and its stats but to me the BTU is so much bigger than just one game, so the tables for me are the compromise between having gamer stats and continuity with the rest of the wiki. Remove the stats from this page and go with just fluff based enteries and I would put money on players adding in stats soon enough. So maybe we can work on helping things be a bit more defined. So games who are completely unaware of the more fluffy side of things can make out whats what.
In regard to Andris and Grigas, they are not modded in characters they are in the story missions, there is a load of stuff in the game files I know are there but I have not had the chance to dig out. If you look on the gamepedia wiki there is virtually no real information that is not stats or copy/pastes, given time I would like to reach a bit higher with the sarna stuff.--Dmon (talk) 10:19, 31 May 2018 (EDT)