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Elite MechWarriors[edit]

My friend and I have a question about the use of an Elite Mechwarrior Pilot on a fast 'Mech grouped with a element point. Does the elemental stop the mech from getting through as per the Elite Mechwarrior card? or do both the mech and the battle armor go through as per the text on the Elite Mechwarrior card?

Our reasoning is that with the Maneuvering Ace the mech is made one speed faster and thus the Battle Armor would be made that same faster speed when grouped with that mech, and thus if the mech starts as fast the not being able to block rule seems to apply in that case in regard to the battlearmor - thus making it apply to the Elite Mechwarrior. Or is this wrong?— The preceding unsigned comment was provided by Chopsticks78 (talkcontribs) 21:51, 4 January 2007.