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Need Help[edit]

I've run into something of a brick wall with this article between CGL 35000 and the 25th Anniversary set. Up to that point the information in the article should be reliably accurate, as I either own the boxed set in question or researched what I believe to be reliable information. This allowed me to narrate something of an evolution history of the boxed set. This was initially unplanned, but was a natural result of the subject matter when you think about it.

I got parts of the CGL 35000 set through ebay but it's incomplete, and couldn't find sufficiently reliable or detailed information to continue. (The next set I actually bought is the Beginner's Box Set.) Btw there's also the German Starterbox edition from 2017 which was an original product from Ulisses, with two all-new maps, but which I've only seen online so far.

If someone who owns the 35000 set could kindly step up and provide the next step(s), using the template for individual box coverage established within the article, I'd be thankful. :) Frabby (talk) 02:21, 1 May 2021 (EDT)